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Hi everyone!

Whole week Im thinking what should I write about on my blog. I mean something what can be readable and what would not make readers fall asleep. I was thinking about topics like driving during rainfall, afraid of storms, if the first was egg and many more. The inspiration came when I was browsing FB, and then it comes! This topic interested me the most! FB page of Interpals shared their weekly forum question on theme "What do you recommend as the TOP5 things to do when foreigners visit your city?" And here we have it!

At the beginning before we go more further I have to warn you, that there will be more than five things which I recommend you to see. And I almost forgot to introduce city where I live.

The city where I live is Nitra and it is situated on south-eastern Slovakia. It is the fifth biggest city in my little country with almost 80-thousand inhabitants. Nitra is very special city where Slovak history started to be written.

1) Fanatics

We are known as the "kings of Slovak grandstands". Where we go, there we make indescribable feel. We support our team till the final siren. Ice hockey is our life and we are keen on this. We enjoy it everytime! Our players are the best achievers! The best place for relax after long day at work is Nitra Aréna which is called our stadium.

2) Amazing panorama

If you like hiking and nature, you can climb the Zobor Hill. This peek is 826 meters above sea level with transducer on its top. You have beautiful view when you reach his top. It is great place for picnic and during August romantic place to watch on falling stars when many people go here in evenings to watch this event. When you are here, do not forget to protect this unique nature!

3) The first in Central Europe

When we go back in time about more than thousand years, we fall into medieval times. History of Nitra is very rich, but we can for sure say, that here was built the first chapel in Central Europe called The Chapel of Saint Michael Archangel. Many legends and stories are told about this mystery place like Virgin Mary was seen here or how people found in Nitra ghost of the horse which was killed in this chapel.

4) Residence of princes

Slovakia had not any king or queen during old times. In almost every city you can find castles and in Nitra too. Nitra castle was built in 9th century over the princedom formalizing. Its roof was rebuilt because of flight attack during second world war. This place was very important for Slovak culture in its times.

5) Memory

On 5th of July 862 Saint Cyril and Saint Method came on area of Great Moravia to learn Slavics how to be good catholics and they also bring font called "hlaholika". On their honour we celebrate on the Main Square this festival. Over thousands of people come here to watch Holy Mass and after that all two days are concerts.

Of course excepting the historical places you also can visit Theater of Andrej Bagar which you can see on this last photo and remains atomic cover. My dad was part of builders who built this construction. Every day dramas are played here. We have also got here the pupet theater The Theater of Karol Spišák and here generally plays for children are played.

Many clubs and shopping centres are here, but I do not know what to write about them, because I do not visit them.

For me is Nitra the most beautiful place in this world. In my opinion everyone of us love place where we were born and where we grew up. And that is the main reason why I love so much Nitra. I cant imagine that I would live somewhere else in Slovakia, in Europe or anywhere. Im not able to leave this amazing place. I know that this is not I dont know how good place, maybe tourists do not like it and think it is boring.

Write about your city, what would you show your foreign friend in it and what would you change about it in comments.


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